Tandem Crew

with Very Comfortable Chaise Lounge Seats

Fishing Kayak: Tandem Crew

Fishing Kayak: Single

Specialty Fishing Kayak/ Freedom Hawk

with stability pontoons to facilitate standing and fishing

Specialty Pedal Kayak


Luxury Upgrade with Comfy Chaise Lounge Seat

Rent for two weeks and get a third week free!  All rentals include lifejacket, seat, and paddle.

Try our new Van Hunks Single and Tandem Crew, with a more comfortable chaise lounge seat.   Call the store for details.

Delivery and Pickup: Delivery is $10/truckload, and pickup is $10/truckload in the Marathon area.  For example, a delivery of one truckload, and a pickup of one truckload, would be $20.